CryptoAlps Real Estate 2.0 Xian token technology

The start-up Italo Svizzera announces shortly the launch of the XIAN Token the world’s first decentralized Crowdfunding platform on the block chain with underlying real estate and real Estate projects 2.0 a aroused interest from the largest chains of Russian real estate investors promise investments with over 100,000 million dollars for the development of the tokenization platform real estate market 2.0

Technology used Xian token is a crypto currency, decentralized community-based and built on the Leased Proof of Stake (LPoS) is an advanced type of consensus algorithm Proof-of-Stake (PoS), the blockchain of Waves CryptoAlps will develop the first platform in the world of Crowdfunding decentralized on the block chain where Builders , designers ,innovation and digital are funded through the staking is not bound by the owners of the XIAN token in exchange for interest on the same project posted in the platform

Decentralized Crowdfunding

Traditionally, crowdfunding is a centralized activity where investors trust the founder by giving them their money. This model is becoming obsolete and token sales have proven to be much more efficient and transparent ways to create investment turns for many different investors. The Cryptoalps platform will allow to conduct crowdfunding campaigns with transparency and security. Investors will have full access to monitor the investment process, the amounts invested and the status of the funds, which will be held by the same Clements.

Decentralized income : distribution with Xian token real estate investments are attractive because they produce a fixed income. A truly decentralized exchange platform should seek to avoid the use of centralized intermediaries for key processes. cryptoalps will conduct all income generated by assets, which will allocate income to investors, based on the number of shares they hold in all their portfolios, at the time of distribution (similar to how dividends are paid on the stock market, but without the need for a central institution). the Xian is a utility token that represents access to services on the CryptoAlps platform . Within the CryptoAlps platform itself, the user can invest in real estate assets with real estate 2.0 technology

Utility token: the brick token the reference currency on the CryptoAalps platform is the Xian Token . It is a utility token designed to allow participants to use the decentralized platform itself. With the cryptoalps platform, the owners of Xian tokens for each new real estate offer on the platform can stack their XIAN tokens and have the accrued interests of the same project , the holder of xian can at any time release the tokens

The staff of CryptoAlps

The team founder, together with consultants selected, the door to CryptoAlps a wealth of training, experience, and their valuable networks, not to mention the proven experiences of success, during the decades of combined experience in the design and growth of start-ups.

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