Are You Ready for the Ravencoin (RVN) Fork to KAWPOW Algo

With just 1 day left until the hard fork of Ravencoin (RVN) to the new KAWPOW algorithm everyone that is planning to mine the cryptocurrency once more should be well prepared. There are already a number of miners supporting the new algorithm available, as well as some test pools where you can test and setup your GPU mining rigs for optimal performance. The Mining Rig Rentals service for leasing and renting mining rigs has just added support for KAWPOW rigs, but NiceHash has not yet added support for the new algorithm, so no massive hash going on and off on the RVN network after the fork. The KAWPOW algorithm is a variation of ProgPow and the available miners are offering very close performance, so the deciding factor in choosing should be what you are more familiar with and what works better for you (has less fee, or no dev fee at all, is open source or not etc.). Users with Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti might benefit the most from the new algorithm to be used by RVN, AMD owners with one of the most popular Radeon RX 480/580 GPUs might not be too happy whit the hashrate they will be getting (about half of the GTX 1080 Ti). KAWPOW is more GPU intensive and not affected by the video memory that much, so the more powerful the GPU, the higher the hashrate.

AMD Radeon users are significantly limited in their choice of mining software for the KAWPOW algorithm at the moment as there is essentially just one option available – the closed source NBMiner with 2% dev fee for KAWPOW that also supports Nvidia GPUs. The only opensource miner with no dev fee is the official kawpowminer that only works with Nvidia GPUs for the moment, though AMD support will hopefully be also added. The other KAWPOW miners are all closed source and work only on Nvidia GPUs for the moment, these are GMiner with 2% dev fee, T-Rex with 1% dev fee and TT-Miner with 1% dev fee. Our preferred choice out of these miners at the moment is T-Rex for Nvidia GPUs, though we are still waiting to also see an updated release of the z-enemy miner, so our preference may change in the future. We are also hopefully soon going to start seeing some additional optimizations to help differentiate performance from different miners at least a bit more…

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