Earn Banano (BAN) While Folding@Home to Help Coronavirus COVID-19 Fight

The CureCoin (CURE) is not the only project that gives you the chance to earn crypto coins while using your CPU/GPU mining hardware for helping Folding@Home in their efforts to fight the Coronavirus COVID-19. Another project that has a similar feature is Banano (BAN) via their BananoMiner website, though they do offer other ways to earn BAN coins as well, so not only by folding proteins with Folding@Home.

We have already covered how you can Help Folding@Home COVID-19 Efforts With Your Crypto Mining Rigs completely free and anonymously. You need to start by downloading, installing and running the Folding@Home client software for your operating system. Then when asked if you want to fold Anonymous or want to set up an identity, you need to choose the second and head to the dedicated BananoMiner website where you need to input your BAN wallet address and as a result you will get a unique Username and a Team ID (should always be 234980), these two you need for your F@H client in order to be credited coins based on the amount of work you do folding proteins. It is also good to register an identity (the username you got from Banano Miner) in order to get a password as it may help you earn some extra bonus points, though not a requirement to make tings work.

Make sure that you enter the username you got when registering your wallet on Banano Miner as well as the correct Folding@Home Team number in the respective fields, also if you registered your identity you need to enter the password you got from F@H. This is required so that your FAH points will be credited to the right Banano Team’s total and that you would be getting your rewards. Save the settings and start Folding away with your available CPU and/or GPU resources. This is all you need to do to start earning Banano (BAN) crypto coins while you are folding proteins and helping the fight against the Coronavirus COVID-19. You might need to wait some hours or a day before any coins will be credited for he work you do folding proteins, so better check your results in a day after you start. Don’t expect to earn lot though, you are doing this for the common good or at least should be, the BAN coins you get are just to help you cover some of your electricity costs. Banano (BAN) is a smaller in terms of market cap and daily volume compared to Curecoin (CURE), but is also an active project, so you might want to check more details about it as well. It is being traded on a few smaller exchanges like Mercatox, ViteX and Txbit.

Source: cryptomining-blog.com

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