New GMiner 2.03 With Support for Qitmeer (PMEER) Mining

The latest GMiner 2.03 GPU miner adds support for the Qitmeer (PMEER) mining, however do not be in a hurry to try mining using the Cuckoo24 algorithm that has been just added. Have in mind that the Qitmeer (PMEER) mining support comes with a 5% developer fee and is apparently CPU intensive, so you might have trouble using the latest GMiner with Qitmeer (PMEER) mining on mining rigs with most typical dual-core lower performance processors. Frankly we are a bit disappointed that the official release notes do not mention the higher developer fee for the new algorithm, nor that it is apparently heavier in terms of CPU requirements.

The GMiner miner software was originally only an Nvidia GPU miner, although some algorithms are already supported on AMD GPUs as well. Do note that GMiner is a closed source miner for Nvidia and AMD GPUs with binaries available for both Windows and Linux, there is a 2% developer fee built-in the software.


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