New NBMiner 27.7 With Improvements for Nvidia Mining of HNS and HNS + ETH

The latest NBMiner 27.7 update comes with improvements for Handshake (HNS) and HNS + ETH Dual mining on Nvidia GPUs, bringing a bit better performance as well as some fixes like for the NVML initialization failure on certain cases and for ETH mining on NiceHash. With the latest performance improvement NBMiner 27.7 is again taking a lead for Handshake mining performance from the latest GMiner. With the latest performance improvements a mining rig with 6x 1080 Ti’s gets closer to what Blackminer’s FPGAs with HNS support, though GPUs are still a bit slower and with a bit higher power usage. Nevertheless mining HNS now may still be worth it with the expected availability of the first Handshake ASIC miner sometime in June.

We remind you that the NBMiner is a closed source GPU miner for Nvidia CUDA and now AMD as well that is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems and it has the following developer fee built-in: tensority_ethash 3%, tensority (Pascal) 2%, tensority (Turing) 3%, ethash 0.65%, cuckaroo & cuckatoo & cuckaroo_swap 2%, progpow_sero 2%, sipc 2%, bfc 3%, hns 2%, hns_ethash 3%.


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