PhoenixMiner 5.5c RC With Improvements, New Features and Fixes

There is a new Release Candidate (RC) version of PhoenixMiner 5.5c available that brings some new features, improvements and fixes over the things introduced already in the last beta version PhoenixMiner 5.5b. Do note that if using the miner on AMD GPUs, although it comes with support for the latest AMD Windows driver 21.1.1 it is still not recommended to use them as there seem to still be some stability issues. If you already are using the previous 5.5b beta version you might want to give this new release candidate a go, otherwise you might want to stick with the previous stable 5.4c release for a bit more.

PhoenixMiner 5.5c RC Full Changelog:
– Added support for the latest AMD Windows driver 21.1.1 (still, we don’t recommend using the 21.1.1 driver yet – we had some instability issues with it even when just idling on the desktop!)
– Added new -mcdag parameter to reset the memory overclock on Nvidia cards during DAG generation. This may allow you to set higher memory overclock on your Nvidia cards without risking corrupt DAG buffer, which can lead to excessive number of incorrect shares. Use -mcdag 1 (by default the value is 0, which means turned off) to use this new feature.
– Under Linux -mcdag 1 will execute a shell script named (if present in the current directory) for each Nvidia GPU, passing the GPU index as the first argument, and PCIE bus ID as second argument. The miner will then wait for about 7 seconds before starting DAG generation to allow the script enough time to reset the memory overclock.
– The -tt parameter is now strictly for controlling the fan behavior. E.g. -tt 60 sets auto-fan speed with target temperature 60C; -tt -70 sets fixed fan speed 70%; and -tt 0 turns off the fan control. All these can be specified per GPU.
– There is a new -hwm parameter that allows controlling the frequency of the hardware monitoring, which was also done by -tt in the previous versions of PhoenixMiner
– Other small improvements and fixes

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