What if Bitcoin Skeptics Were Actually Not Skeptics…

Here is something interesting from the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute in the form of a list with popular persons who are also Bitcoin Skeptics talking publicly about why Bitcoin will fail or has no future from as early as April 2011. Now what would’ve happened if thee people started buying just $1 USD worth of Bitcoin every day since the day that they made their bold claims against the crypto currency? For instance Peter Schiff could have invested just $3210 USD and had 100 BTC that could now be worth a bit shy of $700K USD. Of course much more recent skeptics like Steven Mnuchin and Tendayi Kapfidze could have actually lost some dollars if they did that. It is an interesting information to check. You can of course do some estimation what could’ve you accumulated in BTC and what their value could be now if you started doing just that back in 2011.

Source: cryptomining-blog.com

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