WildRig Multi 0.20.6 Beta AMD GPU Miner With Sha256csm Support

The latest WildRig Multi 0.20.6 Beta AMD GPU miner has added support for the Sha256csm algorithm used by the BitcoinFlex (BCX) and Consortium (CSM) crypto projects. The few prior versions were focused around adding X17r algorithm support if you have not updated the miner for a while you can check the Unknown Fair Object (UFO) that uses that particular algorithm which seems to be an Asian crypto project.

The latest WildRig Multi is currently available for Windows, Ubuntu Linux and HiveOS as a closed source binary and with a 2% developer fee built-in by default, though it can be reduced. The wildkeccak algorithm is with fixed 2% dev fee with no possibility to change by the user.

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Source: cryptomining-blog.com

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