Artery Network | You are the network validator, coin delegator and user at the same time!

Artery Network is a blockchain project with its own cryptocurrency backed by it products.
It products are secure Internet access (Artery VPN) and cloud data storage (Artery Storage), 3 products will be released in October 2021 – this is Artery messenger, which will be completely decentralized (competitor to messenger telegram).

Artery Blockchain is based on a reliable and fast tendermint BFT consensus engine

  • Transactions up to 30 seconds with a minimum commission (0.3%, max.10ARTR)
  • Combined Consensus: Delegated Proof of Stake + Proof of Authority
  • Transactions are completed immediately after being accepted into the block
  • High reliability of the distributed network. In the event that 1/3 of the validators are offline or send erroneous data, Artery Blockchain will retain its functionality.
  • Written using GO language and Cosmos SDK

-Ability to seamlessly update the blockchain at the discretion of the participants (in the future)

-Modular structure with good module isolation – protection against critical errors at the application level (an error in one module or a failure during transaction processing will not stop the entire blockchain)

  • Built-in system for rewarding participants for using and promoting blockchain products
  • Voting module for managing key parameters. The community jointly decides how the conditions for the functioning of the blockchain will change
  • Increased time for block release – reduced network and performance requirements of the devices on which the blockchain is running
  • Available and documented REST API node for blockchain management

ARTR na CoinMarketCap
ARTR na CoinGecko

Ssylka na torgi na birzhe Coinsbit

Ssylka na torgi na birzhe LocalTrade

5 ways to make money:

Passive income: you put coins on the delegation wallet and receive an income of 16-25% per month, depending on the size of the share of the delegated coins. Everyone has a fixed profit and goes to the main wallet in the form of coins. Coins can be sold on the exchange or in the telegram bot.

Affiliate program: for each invitee we receive a reward. To activate the affiliate program, you need to pay a tariff of $ 25.

Reward for distributing Internet traffic and distributing device memory when activating the affiliate program.
Block check reward

Auto bonus,% of the company’s turnover upon reaching a certain status in the affiliate program.

Link for registration in the Artery Network:


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