Coronavirus: will increase the price of the cryptocurrency.

Coronavirus: will increase the price of the cryptocurrency.It would be wrong to say that the main cryptocurrency somehow reacted very seriously to the situation with the virus in China and the world.

There was much more reaction to the price of oil and other futures contracts.
However, as stocks and futures retreat due to news and revaluation, Bitcoin may well grow in the short term.
Even if the market remains relatively stable with small losses, investors are likely to start taking profits. In an environment where the market is looking for places to increase profits after a strong year, investors may view the cue Ball as a hedge.

In addition, the coronavirus also reveals the relative fragility of international Finance. The crypt’s ability to move easily across international borders may provide the financial mechanism needed during a viral crisis.
The exchange rate of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, at the time of 20.03.2020 00:00, is on average 6 190 us dollars, or 477 949.09 rubles.

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