Cryptocurrencies are connected to the fight against coronavirus, a challenge to crypto market companies.

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Crypto Card, transferred $60,000, to several medical facilities dealing with care for patients who contracted coronavirus.

In particular, 24,000 USD has been transferred to two medical institutions in the Russian Federation, 24,000 USD to two medical institutions in Spain, and another 12,000 to a nursing home in Austria.

Also, at the end of the ICO, Cripto Card plans to transfer at least 12% of the funds raised, to help medical institutions, as well as targeted assistance to specific people affected by the COVID-19.

At the same time, the management notes that to make this donation, the company will be able to hang only with the consent of investors, as, all investors of the company after the completion of ICO become the only governing body of the company, able to make such a decision and only by peer vote.

One of the top managers of the company about Cripto Card, presented us the following comment.

“We are young, and not yet the largest company, and we decided that we should take part in solving the problem of coronavirus.

Through our actions, we would like to send a kind of “shuttle” to larger crypto market companies.
Now your course!”
Recall, earlier a group of enthusiasts, created “crown viral crypto.”

The virtual currency is called CoronaCoin (NCOV) or Coronatoken. At the rate of March 2, the value of one coin was 0.015 dollars (exactly one ruble).

The creators stated that at least 50% of the received funds will be transferred, to fight coronavirus.

At the same time, at the moment there is no confirmation that this project, allocated any funds to fight COVID-19. It is also not possible to contact the project administration.

Be vigilant, trust only proven companies that really want to help combat the pandemic.

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