FIO Protocol Marks First Year Anniversary

FIO Protocol Marks First Year Anniversary

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PRESS RELEASE. The Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) celebrates the first year anniversary since the community launched the mainnet of the open-source FIO protocol. With over one-hundred and fifty thousand users and some of the industry’s leading service providers such as ShapeShift, Coinomi, AscendEX (formerly Bitmax), and Edge integrating the FIO protocol, the team are on course to ensure cryptocurrency transactions are simple, private, secure and joyful.

The FIO Protocol was designed to ensure the cryptocurrency user experience is uncomplicated and lays the foundation for cryptocurrency mass adoption. Long complex addresses have been replaced with user-customized FIO Addresses such as “user@fio” that enable decentralized sending, receiving and payment requests (invoices, order carts, etc.), as well as, cross-chain end-to-end encrypted metadata (the information for those invoices, order carts, etc.) that can work across all blockchains.

Luke Stokes, Managing Director, FIO: .

Within the first year since the mainnet launch, the FIO Protocol has been adopted by more than a dozen of the industry’s leading wallets ane exchanges, the FIO Token has been listed on Binance, Liquid, AscendEX, Whitebit, ChangeNow and other exchanges, and over 150,000 FIO Addresses have been registered. The FIO community is actively improving the protocol to include greater features such as FIO Staking and a FIO Dashboard to make buying, selling and managing a user’s FIO Addresses and Domain NFT’s easier than ever. As more and more institutional and retail investors begin to realize the potential benefits of blockchain application and asset allocation, the need for standardized infrastructure is only going to increase.

About FIO: The (FIO) Protocol is a blockchain that enables easier, safer and more joyful crypto transactions on any type of token or coin. It serves as a usability layer for the entire blockchain ecosystem enabling, among other things, human readable wallet names that replace complex public addresses, the ability to request crypto payments versus just sending and the ability to include data such as notes, order carts or invoices alongside crypto transactions on every blockchain. The Foundation for Interwallet Operability is an industry guided non-profit entity whose mission is to facilitate improvement to and adoption of the FIO Protocol. Many of the industry’s leading wallets and exchanges have integrated the FIO protocol thereby enabling access to its capabilities for their users which, combined, represent millions of people.


Source: news.bitcoin

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