SharkTron – DeFi Project That Implies Complete Autonomy

SharkTron – DeFi Project That Implies Complete Autonomy

PRESS RELEASE. SharkTRON decentralized platform has set the goal of maximizing the DeFi TRON potential. The main task is to create a complete platform autonomy with a gradual transition to self-management by community members. SharkTRON is an autonomous full-cycle ecosystem. Platform members use TRX tokens to mine SHARK (SRX) tokens. These tokens can be used for activities within the platform or exchanged for JustSwap.

At the moment a number of services are already fully operational in the SharkTRON ecosystem performing various functions assigned to them. So, thanks to SharkDice the development team is exploring the possibilities of decentralized platforms in the field of gambling. Community members use their SRX and TRX to place bets and receive bonus TTH tokens which can also be used within the platform.

Shark DeFi aims to model behavioral factors within a decentralized community. The experience gained by the developers will allow implementing the most successful ideas for the development of the platform.

One of the important stages on the way to creating a full-fledged stand-alone platform is the launch of the SharkExchange service. The service will be launched in the near future and will allow to buy, sell and exchange SRX, TTH and SWD tokens with a minimum commission. After all the tokens are mined they can be purchased on exchanges or on the SharkExchange service only.

The platform is constantly improving, new services and features for users are adding. Liquidity and token rates are already showing stable growth, showing high marks and laying the foundation for further effective work.

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