The BETCONIX cryptocurrency exchange announced the release of its own trading robot, with options for analogues of which there are no in the cryptocurrency market, including automatic margin trading.

According to the cryptocurrency management, the BETCONIX exchange began developing a trading robot, the main feature of this trading robot is automated access to margin trading, but there are other innovations.

The main functions and features of the robot:

Both spot trading and margin trading will be available for trading through the robot.

The automatic currency conversion function is also planned.

The function of binding many trade indicators

Ready-made trade strategies will be introduced.

According to the developers, in the trading robot from BETCONIX, fine-tuning will also be available (the user can configure the robot as he needs it).

Additional options:

Over time, it is planned to add users to the interface, chat, and connect information news sites on cryptocurrencies, for announcing news on those currencies that the user trades.

Betconix developers say that their goal is to make the interface as user-friendly as possible, according to the plan, the first prototype can be tested by the end of February.

For the final test of a trading robot, it is planned to attract a number of users trading on BETCONIX.

BETCONIX management promises to allocate funds to reward attracted testers.

Whether a robot subscription will be paid for BETCONIX users or not.

No final decision has yet been made.

According to BETCONIX management, if we take a commission for the use of a merchant robot, you can significantly reduce it, like other commissions on our exchange, paying for them with a BNIX exchange token.

BETCONIX also plans to announce a competition with an award in 100USD for the best offer, for refinement into functionality and options, the leading BETCONIX trading robot.

Earlier, BETCONIX has already been noted on the market, with its innovative approach to listing projects by voting users. And other innovations.

Against the background of the COO BETCONIX statement:

“By the end of 2021, we may not become the number one exchange in terms of trade turnover, but we will definitely become the number one exchange in terms of user convenience and innovation.

The volume of finance is important at the moment, but looking ahead, the future is for innovation and new tools. “

The creation of its own trading robot, with options new to the cryptocurrency market, looks like a logical move in the development of BETCONIX.

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