Study Found US Sports Betting Market Is Leading the Way Study Found US Sports Betting Market Is Leading the Way

Ten out of ten major US sportsbooks accept Bitcoin deposits while only one in ten sportsbooks with a global footprint process Bitcoin payments. study found that the US sports betting market is leading the way when it comes to accepting bitcoin as a payment method.

The study looked at the top 10 sportsbooks Globally, in the US and in Canada. All US sportsbooks welcome Bitcoin deposits with open arms.

Exactly 50% of the Canadian sportsbooks in the study have started accepting crypto currency payments.

Internationally the picture is the opposite: none of the Top 5 global sportsbooks have integrated Bitcoin to their payment systems.

In the US, normal market forces are starting to affect Bitcoin gambling, and as the competition grows, the consumer will start to feel the benefits in terms of increased bonuses and other types of promotions.

40% of the sportsbooks in the study offer a higher bonus for Bitcoin deposit compared with bonuses for credit card deposits.

In Canada, competition is not so fierce yet, and only 1 operator has started offering higher bonuses for Bitcoin deposits.

The study also found that Bitcoin deposits at sportsbooks are cheaper than credit card deposits. None of the operators in the study charge a fee for Bitcoin deposits, but some of them do charge for credit card deposits.

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