XSwap Started Yield Farming, The Highest APY Reaches 70,000%

XSwap Started Yield Farming, The Highest APY Reaches 70,000%

XSwap, a main products of Xfinance ecosystem, has launched Uniswap LP token liquidity mining. This is a fair version, 100% distributed to the community, with No team shares, No Pre-mine. Governed by the Xfinance community.

In just a few hours, the funds in the pool are above to 5000ETH. The highest APY reaches 70,000%!

XSwap dapp link: https://xswap.app

How to participate in XSwap Uniswap liquidity mining?

Choose your favorite pair and add liquidity on Uniswap, then approve and deposit UNI-LP token on XSwap.

In the first 100,000 blocks, each block will provide 10,000 XSP rewards, after 100,000 blocks, each block will be reduced to 1,000 XSP rewards.

The maximum supply of XSP is 3,000,000,000 XSP.

Reward ratio of each pool:

XSP-ETH: 40x; XFI-XSP: 12x;

XFI-ETH: 12x; XFI-LID: 7x;

UNI-ETH: 3x; LID-ETH 3x;

Others: 1x;

XSP token contract address


Buy XFI:


Buy XSP:


What are the XSwap development goals?

XSwap will become the most important product in the Xfinance ecosystem, that is, decentralized automatic market-making leveraged exchange. XSwap Staker will receive a 0.05% transaction fee, the liquidity provider will receive a 0.20% transaction fee, and the 0.05% transaction fee will be used to buy back and burn XSP.

XFI will become the governance token in the Xfinance ecosystem and will also have deflationary characteristics. The better the Xfinance ecosystem develops, the greater the value of XFI.

Xfinance community

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xfinance_io

Telegram: https://t.me/nowex_io

Source: news.bitcoin

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